Lancashire Tongues

Lancashire Tongues


11 November 2023    
10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Burnley Market Hall
Curzon St, Burnley , BB11 1BB

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Situated in the customer rest area ‘Come and see an ultrasound image of your tongue while you speak! This 15-minute activity is all about accent and dialect in Burnley. Discover how the tongue’s eight muscles allow us to speak. If you wish, take part in a research project about accent in Lancashire by reading a few words and making an ultrasound recording. Let us know what you think about local accents! If you like, we can send you a video of your tongue after the activity. No need to book, just come along! Everyone welcome!’ Most Suitable for people aged 6+ as it involves an ultrasound probe being places on the skin under your chin.
This is a free activity.
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