Employee Of The Year Nominees

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Patrick – Little Barista

Patrick came to work at Little Barista 5 years ago and has been an asset to the business from the day that he started. He has worked tirelessly to deliver high quality customer services and improve the performance of the whole team since he was promoted to assistant manager. Patrick has a good reputation and is well respected by all our regular customers and his team as he has worked hard to build these strong relationships. His work ethos is commendable and his performance is exceptional.

Patrick has faced some personal challenges and has no family here to support him and it’s commendable how Patrick still manages to greet every individual customer with a smile and is always courteous and respectful no matter how he is feeling . Patrick is renowned for paying attention to all customers needs even when we are extremely busy, he always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone receives a high level of service. We could say that Patrick is just doing his job but what makes a difference is the way that he does it!

Everything is done with a smile and his commitment to customer service and his attitude shines through every single day. He’s always happy to help and will always resolve any issues no matter how difficult or rude someone is being. Patricks enthusiasm and dedication to providing quality service to our customers has really helped our business and our reputation for delivering exceptional customer service .

Caitlin – Clarks

We would like to nominate, for the ‘Customer Service Awards’, our team member Caitlin Stott.

Caitlin is an asset to our team and strives to deliver excellent customer service with every interaction in store. Never without a smile, Caitlin is always approachable, friendly, and helpful. She will always go above and beyond to make sure all customers feel welcome and exhaust all possibilities to ensure the customers’ needs are met and a positive lasting impression is made.
Caitlin has always demonstrated the ability to build a rapport with all customers easily and sincerely.

On any day she adapts to all situations positively and will always show understanding and empathy. Her customer service ability is matched by her enthusiasm for the brand, the store, and her role within our team. Always having up to date product knowledge she is always willing and able to offer advice on the comfort, fit and style of any of our products.

Any request is met with positive attitude and a smile as well as a visible willingness to help any customer instore, whether that be just a measure, a return, or a query regarding a style. She understands why it is important to ensure everyone is able to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and in the correct size/ shape for the customer.

Shoaib – The Mechanics Theatre

Shoaib Durrani now works at the Mechanics Theatre in the bistro and has become a well known individual by all our customers. He has overcome some huge hurdles in his life to get too this point and Burnley Leisure & Culture firmly believe in giving employment opportunities to everyone no matter of any challenges they may face.  I have attached a case study about Shoaib. In addition to his learning disabilities Shoaib also suffers from epilepsy which we support him with and are flexible when seizures do occur.

Shoaib, who lives with a learning disability, attended Ridgewood High School and later joined Burnley College to further his education. At the college, he focused on independent living, creative craft, and functional skills. Shoaib faced challenges in areas such as writing and communication but worked hard to improve his literacy skills, utilizing technology and adapting his communication methods. Over the course of six years, he made significant progress in developing his social and communication skills, which is evident in his ability to interact with customers at the restaurant where he currently works.

After completing his further education, Shoaib sought employment and joined Project SEARCH in September 2021. His dream was to become a waiter on a cruise ship. The Project SEARCH team actively searched for opportunities that aligned with Shoaib’s career goal, leading to a placement at Burnley Mechanics in Bistro 1855. With the support of his mentor, Shoaib acquired the necessary skills for the role and excelled in customer service. Despite his challenges with literacy, Shoaib’s exceptional interpersonal skills and approach impressed Mark Dempsey, the Head of Hospitality and Culture, who offered him a position in June 2022. Shoaib was thrilled and expressed his gratitude with a warm handshake.

June – Poundland

I would like to nominate June – my supervisor for the Customer Service award.

She is constantly delivering excellent customer service treating all customers as family. She is very passionate about the success of the company as well as being a liked and valued member of the team. 

She helps out everyone whenever she can, covering sickness and absence on a 24hr notice – prioritizing the customers’ needs before her own (which I find to be a rare trait).

June is a rare gem who never disappoints and deserves all the recognition there is for being an absolute legend and a priceless asset to my team!

Vicky – The Entertainer

I would like to nominate Vicki Brierly from the Entertainer for the employee of the year award for the awards evening on 4th July.Vicki goes above and beyond to help out all customers out and is a very caring collegue who brings together the whole team. She is a very loyal, dedicated and enthusiastic member of The Entertainer team who puts 100% effort into every thing she does.

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