20 June 2024    
4:39 am - 9:41 pm


Barden Athletics Track
New Hall Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 1JH, Lancashire

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Join us for the Sunrise to Sunset SUMMER WALKING CHALLENGE on Wednesday, June 19th, (4:39 am) to sunset (9:41 pm)! As we walk around Barden Athletics Track from sunrise to sunset. Let’s unite to raise awareness for mental health support services in Burnley and gather crucial funds for our community initiatives.  

Every contribution makes a difference.  See the fundraising link below:

Fundraiser by BLC Group : Summer Walking Challenge for Burnley Leisure & Culture (gofundme.com)

So what are we doing?

Representatives from Burnley Leisure and Culture, Pendleside Hospice and joined by the team at Six Connections have set themselves the challenge of walking around our Barden Athletics Track on the longest day of the year, that’s over 17 hours and individuals will walk on average between 45 and 53 miles.

There will be food and water available throughout the day

​Brand new to this year. we’ll have Standing Yoga, Mindfulness Walks and Disco Walks planned throughout the day.

Why are we doing it?

We want to help raise awareness of the great and inspiring work that these charities do supporting people’s mental health.

Here at Burnley Leisure & Culture, we constantly promote the connection between healthy bodies and healthy minds, and we actively support the belief that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. Pendleside Hospice provide vital services to support families who are going through an extremely difficult time and about to or have experienced a bereavement. There are so many support services Pendleside hospice provide that deserve a shining light through this worthy initiative.

We also want to advocate voluntary adversity on this walk, and will work our hardest to help you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and keep going at times of struggle, whether that be physically or mentally… And what better way to demonstrate this than by walking for hours and hours – over 17 in fact!

Who can join in?

To put it simply, anyone and everyone!

Whether your part of a business, community group, school, or just an individual who loves to walk, come and get your steps in with us.

Spread the word as far and wide as you can, and share the news in your workplace, your children’s schools, your sports clubs, and even your community groups!

Why take part?

Here’s why YOU should join us!

💷 Help us raise money and awareness for 2 local charities

💨 Set yourself a goal and try pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

🧠 Meet like-minded individuals, all walking for the same causes

🧡 Meet local charities and groups who support our communities with physical and mental health

🧑 Walk on behalf of someone else, maybe someone you know lost their fight with a mental illness and you want to walk in memory of them

☀ You or someone you know overcame times of struggle and you want to celebrate brighter days

🚶 Experience the benefits walking can have on your own mental wellbeing

Come and walk your daily mile, for a walk and talk, host a meeting, or even pledge to do a certain number of miles for a fantastic cause.

If you’re interested, we want to hear from you…

…As everyone deserves to BE HAPPY 🧡