Handheld Windmills Workshop

Handheld Windmills Workshop


19 August 2023    
11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Outside Superdrug, Charter Walk Shopping Centre
St James Street, Burnley, BB11 1PY

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Discover the magic of transformation as we take a simple paper cup and turn it into a captivating windmill head with just a few ingenious cuts. In this eco-conscious workshop, we’ll breathe new life into everyday materials, creating beautiful handheld windmills that dance with the wind!

First, unleash your artistic talents by colouring the windmill heads brightly, infusing them with your unique flair. Vibrant hues will make them come alive as they twirl gracefully in the breeze.

Next, we’ll harness the power of eco-friendly materials. We’ll attach the windmill heads to eco straws, making them a breeze to hold and enjoy. And to keep things truly sustainable, bamboo cotton buds will serve as the perfect connectors, adding an extra touch of eco-friendliness to your charming creations.

Once complete, your handheld windmills will be ready to enchant and amaze. Watch them come to life as you feel the gentle caress of the wind, filling your heart with wonder and joy.

Head over to the undercover area in front of Superdrug and join us for this whimsical workshop, where crafting and sustainability come together in harmony. You’ll leave with not only delightful windmills but also a sense of pride, knowing you’ve contributed to the beauty of our planet with your eco-friendly creations. Let’s spin the world with art and love for the environment!

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