Bringing Positive Changes

The Burnley Business Improvement District (BID) has underlined its aims and objectives for bringing positive change to the town following the launch of their Discover Burnley Town Centre website and social media channels.

Burnley BID’s first five year term commenced earlier this year after more than 70% of town centre businesses voted yes, delivering £1milllion of additional investment into town centre management which is now seeing projects starting to gather momentum which focus on three key themes.

The first is to further develop Burnley as a modern, vibrant and connected town centre which includes marketing and promotional campaigns to raise Burnley’s profile and the businesses within it and a focus on shopping local.

This work will deliver an enhanced programme of festivals and events to attract new customers and visitors, although Christmas 2020 plans have had to be put on hold due to the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus restrictions.

Creating a better Burnley for business

Work however is underway to promote businesses within the Burnley BID to 75,000+ consumers through dedicated Social Media and PR channels, giving them additional exposure alongside their own promotions.

Theme Two centres on ‘Creating a Better Burnley for Business.’ This work will remove barriers to growth and provide more support to new and existing locally owned independent businesses.

This will be achieved through signposting networking opportunities, mentoring, access to finance schemes or low cost training and the setting up of joint procurement schemes.


A safer and more secure Burnley

Finally, under Theme Three, Burnley BID will strive to create a safer and more secure Burnley for everyone within the town centre.

This will see the BID team working with town centre businesses, police and wider partners to reduce business crime, supporting the evening and night-time economy through the implementation and support of accreditation schemes and liaising with young people to avoid anti-social behaviour.

Significant progress has already been made under Theme Three thanks to the work of the BID and its partners, with Lancashire Police adding another police officer and 3 more PCSOs as the BID looks to reinforce safety and security provision.

Burnley BID Project Manager Andrew Dean is confident that the projects and initiatives that are starting to be delivered by the BID will bring positive change to Burnley.

“Our long-term aim is to help create a vibrant and buzzing Burnley which is a great place to live, work, visit and do business,” said Andy. “The aims and objectives set out in our business plan are all geared towards creating an environment where businesses, no matter how big or small, can flourish. If they’re successful it means the town is thriving.

“The current situation regarding Coronavirus means we will have to do some things differently, especially regarding events and festivals, but we will be working with businesses and stakeholders going forward to deliver activities that adhere to any government restrictions.

“Ultimately we’re really excited to get to work here in Burnley and I can’t wait to start getting to know more businesses and individuals in the town and get cracking on projects that deliver real positive change.”

For more information about Burnley BID, please visit www.burnleybid.co.uk.

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